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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hot Deals, not Hot Tamales!

                                                                               #CyberMonday  &  #GivingTuesday

Okay all you insane shoppers! Tomorrow is TGIF but this TGIF is no ordinary Friday...it will be wild and frantic filled with shopping cra-a-a-a-a-ziness for it is the B-B-B-B-B-I-I-I-I-I-G-G-G-G-G-est shopping day of the year! Will you be there in the midst of the mayhem looking for the hottest deal or do you prefer leaving the chaos to others while you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home?  

Word of the day: SALE!

Sale! Sale! Sale! Door #1, Door #2, Door #3 doesn't matter for literally sales are everywhere. Sale! Sale! Sale! Save! Save! Save! In the news, on TV, on the Internet, on the radio, no matter where you turn somebody somewhere has posted a sign advertising Sale! Sale! Sale! Come on in! Come on down! HOT deals today! Save 10%...20%...30%... MORE!

BUT, what makes this 'salebration' any different from any other sale? Are the deals any better? The savings any greater? The items offered for sale on sale of any higher quality? Is anything for sale NOT on sale?

What's with this insanity that has everyone astir? A sale is a sale on any day when its ad says "Save 10%...20%...30%...MORE!" Items can be found at a discount! On sale! Buy one, get one! More! More! More! Better still, people don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn or camp out 'til doors open. They'll take the ad, maybe a coupon or two, and gingerly search the sale racks for an item or two. NOT on Black Friday! NO, sir! Got to get there first or 'what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want' won't be there! Yea, like that is going to happen...I will bet you there are umpteen more of that same item in the stockroom just waiting to be pulled out at the right time! What's even worse is the thought of how much items have been marked up in order for them to be marked down for that so-called 10%...20%...30%...MORE savings.

Embrace the Past...by taking a look at Black Fridays of yesteryear!

The first wave of shoppers depicted sheer madness... madness of the worse order, I mean MADness! Running, bumping into one another, even literally knocking down the door! OOPS! An old gentleman fell. Someone help him up! Nah! Can't take the time or MY item will be snatched up by the lady at my right. MINE! I got here at 3:00 AM, 20 minutes before her. 

Notice that was just the first wave! In the midst of every storm lies a calm. Ultimately a lull ensued. The second wave was waiting at home enjoying morning coffee and homemade muffins 'til their time was right. This group appeared on the scene ready to scavenge what was left hoping some 'meat' still hung around among the scraps left on the racks.

Looking at the videos makes me want to stay home! Think I will pour myself another cup of coffee...how sweet the brew as I sit leisurely on the back porch! One does not have to wait for National Coffee Day to partake of a good java, ol' Joe, mud, wakey juice, morning jolt, or any of coffee's other names for that much needed caffeine infusion. Of course, the brew isn't limited to just coffee...What is your brew?

Shopping online is looking better and better! Bet I can get the hot deals right from my easy chair with a laptop. Even if an item is not available online, the question here becomes "Do I NEED it or do I WANT it?" 

Empower the Present...what is really important?

Black Friday is not just for Friday anymore. While many prepared for time with family and friends to feast on turkey and dressing savoring thoughts of saving enough room for succulent pumpkin or pecan pie, others left home before sunrise to stand in the cold, waiting in line, long-long-long lines, for doors to open announcing the beginning of Thanksgiving Day sales. Then, there are some who enjoyed the holiday feast only to end the day shopping for pre-Black Friday bargains after all the bone picking was done. This eliminated the long-line wait in many places already freezing cold! Of course, one could always pay someone to stand in line while he/she spent an extra two or more hours at home. That would actually be helping someone else earn a little extra spending money!

Makes one wonder what was on their minds - giving thanks for all they had or giving thanks for all they hoped to have after taking advantage of the sales.
Is something being lost here? When having more is more important than more time with family then something is wrong, very wrong. This brings us back to earlier questions to still ponder: What makes this 'salebration' any different from any other sale? Are the deals any better? The savings any greater? The items offered for sale on sale of any higher quality? Is anything NOT on sale for sale?

Enrich the Future...in store or online?

As mentioned earlier, one does not have to leave home to shop. Nor does one have to leave home to take advantage of special sales. Within the age of advancing technology, there is Walmart & Walmart Online, K-Mart & K-Mart Online, Best Buy & Best Buy Online, etc. Pretty much if it is to be bought, it can be bought at an online store which allows one to stay in the comfort of home leaving the cold and crowds to eventually fade as ghosts of times past.

Of course, retailers would much prefer customers to shop in store hoping the more they see the more they will buy. One is more likely to pass up an item online vs. seeing it in real life, being able to feel it! However, there are things to be bought and sold both ways. Just remember, they are things. More importantly is to stay home, spend time with family as much as you can!

Bottom Line... 

Is there truly a difference in this 'salebration' than any other sale? Are the deals really any better? The savings any greater? The items offered for sale on sale aren't of any higher quality. There are items NOT on sale for sale but bargains are still always available. Some items may appear on sale only at this time but the question still remains, "Is it truly a NEED or simply a WANT?"

What is your madness...in store or online?

Are you one who prefers to experience the insanity, the madness of Black Friday sales? If so, good luck and watch out for the other guy! There is a chance someone might get hurt when Black Friday madness takes a tragic turn.

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Would you believe that is celebrated on Black Friday?
How bizarre!