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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crapper and John!

What do you know about the toilet names Crapper and John? If you missed the posting for the Third Week in November, you probably have not marked your calendars for tomorrow's celebration. Be sure you do not let this one be dismissed right down the toilet! Yes, there is a humorous side but one that is VERY serious also.

Crapper's Crapper

November 19 is..

When you first hear of World Toilet Day, a grin more than likely appears outwardly with thoughts of "you've got to be kidding!" There is a lot of history behind the invention of the toilet which indeed contains many humorous moments. But the truth about this celebration is not something from The Far Side or The Twilight Zone. It is a very serious worldwide issue. Did you know...
For those accustomed to indoor plumbing, the toilet is something taken for granted. While grandpa or grandma may have used the outdoor privy, it is long gone with only stories and possible photographs remaining as reminders.

Since the toilet is considered somewhat commonplace, especially in the U.S., thoughts of its nonexistence don't ever cross the minds of the average person. Whether at home, dining out, shopping, enjoying a concert or sports game, when the urge comes to go, there is usually more often than not a toilet facility close at hand. Not true everywhere!

That's right! 2.5 billion people around the globe do not have access to toilets! You better believe they would like to use one and at least a billion of these people defecate in public. In some parts of the world sad to say where they drop it is where they leave it...literally! Too often deposits land in streams that are the major water supply source. Unfortunately, this escalates disease which increases the death rate, especially among children who rarely pass the age of five.
 Even this is better than the streets!
Next time you need to use the crapper or ask someone where's the john, think about, then do, what you can to spread the message of better sanitation. Do the research and share with others what actions are being taken to raise awareness and contribute toward improving global sanitation.

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