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Friday, April 8, 2016

Yesterday Spanish, Today Chinese!

A quite familiar crisp, little fortune cookie brings a hint of curiosity to a Chinese meal. Who doesn't wait in anticipation for the tiny piece of paper holding a moment's "fortune"? Definitely a highlight that brings on the smiles and often laughter! This next celebration is another cookie in the Chinese family, this time with a slightly sweet crunch of almonds that often plays second fiddle to that favorite fortune cookie. In some Chinese restaurants, they are served to cleanse the palate after several courses, rather than being regarded as a dessert. During the biggest Chinese holiday of the year, Chinese New Year, the delicious Chinese almond cookie symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Amazing Almond Cookie Recipes

Interesting Food Facts about Chinese Almond Cookies
from Foodimentary

  1. In Mandarin Chinese, these are more literally called “Almond Cakes.”
  2. The Chinese Almond Cookie is native to southern and southeast China.
  3. There is no record of these cookies before the 1900’s.
  4. The Chinese commonly prepared Almond milk and Almond tea.
  5. An American variation exists using pecans.
The best way to celebrate Chinese Almond Cookie Day is to bake & eat the cookies!

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Chinese Almond Cookies Recipe

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Chinese Almond Cookies 5 Recipe
Earthy-Toasty-Spicy Chinese Almond Cookies Recipe
Chinese Restaurant Almond Cookies Recipe
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