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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Golden Brown Tasty Loops

Who can resist a big, warm, and salty Soft Pretzel? Found in almost all shopping malls, carnivals, and sporting events, the entire month of April (along with many other celebrations) is dedicated to these delightful treats. Then, to top it off, the pretzel has its own special day! 

The early pretzels were the 'soft' variety!
Check out the Fascinating Pretzel Facts...

April 26 is...
National Pretzel Day

The day is not over yet and it is never too late to enjoy a pretzel snack. If you do not already have an on-hand supply of pretzels, stop now and visit you local grocery or convenience store. The shelves should be stocked with plenty of varieties with their crunchiness awaiting your first bite. In fact, the salty crunchy pretzels last longer making the hard pretzels one of the better selling snacks in the United States. 

Need your chocolate fix?

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe

Need some ideas to jazz up your pretzels?

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Need the sweet long with the salty?

Use your imagination! Bake your favorite chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and decorate with pretzels!

Let's all applaud the pretzel!