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Friday, April 15, 2016

Breakfast Time or Any Time

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Many foods and recipes were originally established strictly for purposes of serving at breakfast. Some found their place as a brunch staple. Through the decades, times have changed and what was once considered a breakfast food or dish has become quite universal when it comes to time of day for serving/eating.

April 16...
National Eggs Benedict Day

Eggs Benedict Recipe
Day of the Mushroom 

There has always been an art associated with the preparation of Eggs Benedict. A kind of ceremony surrounds the making of the classic Hollandaise that finds itself drizzled generously over poached eggs - dutifully whisked clarified butter and egg yolks over delicately swirling simmering water. Truly makes your mouth water just thinking about it. Then, there are the mushrooms, which more than likely were not at the top of your list of gourmet foods when growing up. Now, as an adult, you probably have become quite a fungi fan with the caps and stems finding their way into salads, stir fry, casseroles or simply being enjoyed raw by the handful.

 Oven-Roasted Bruschetta Stuffed Baby Bellos Recipe
Enjoy this day of celebration in combination! Add some baby bellos to your Eggs Benedict! Be sure to make two servings for yourself...there is Nothin' to Just One Egg!
Applause today goes to eggs and mushrooms!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!