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Monday, April 11, 2016

♫"Louie Louie"♫

WOW! Today is really loaded with celebration... foodie fun (Just melted cheese? Not hardly!and pet recognition (Our Belov♥d Pets) plus a step back in time to the Titanic (Journey Underway - Day 2)! 

The day is not over yet and you don't want to miss the music...

On the birthday of "Louie Louie" composer Richard Berry, get ready to celebrate the R&B song that has been recorded more times than any other rock song in history: "Louie Louie", the cornerstone of rock. According to Wikipedia, there are over 1600 versions and still counting. It has become a standard in pop and rock music. The song was written by Berry in 1955 (or 56) with the best known hit version by The Kingsmen being released in 1963.

April 11 is...

International "Louie Louie" Day

"Louie Louie" Day is now officially registered with the National Special Events Registry and Chase's Calendar of Events, the two leading sources of special events, holidays and observances. Do your best to sing along!
Welcome into the Spotlight...

 Richard Berry (April 11, 1935 – January 23, 1997)

Richard Berry an African-American singer, songwriter and musician, who performed with many Los Angeles doo-wop and close harmony groups in the 50s

In 1956, Richard Berry wrote and in 1957 released "Louie Louie" - the legendary song that became the cornerstone of rock. It's simple but indelible beat comprises three basic chords with a melody that encourages even the tone-deaf to sing along. Its lyrics are the lament of a Jamaican sailor telling a bartender named Louie how much he misses his girlfriend.
There are hundreds of recordings of the song, by surf, punk, hard-rock, soft-rock, rap, reggae and high-school marching bands; it has probably been performed millions of times. Frank Zappa called it ''an archetypal American musical icon.'' [Source: The New York Times]
Most popular version of the song...

"Louie Louie" continues to be played at fraternity parties, football games, parades and anywhere else that its three chords and basic beat draw a smile of recognition.

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...