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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shopping, Credit & the Boss

With so much happenin' in addition to World Food Day, the next celebrations are a threesome which still doesn't cover all for this day. As with most days, this way you have a choice...to celebrate or not to celebrate, to celebrate one, two or all. The choice is yours. 

October 16 is...
Department Store Day


The department store is a commonality in the 21st century, has been since its inception in 1846 thanks to Irish born Alexander Turney Stewart. In NYC, Stewart established what would become the first department store in the nation, A.T. Stewart & Co., fondly called the Marble Palace, at 280 Broadway between Chambers & Reade Streets. The building still stands today, in pristine condition. Read MORE...
The department store has become the ultimate comfort zone. One can find the latest in fashion, the coolest shoes, perfumery, jewelry, accessories galore and so much more. The trudgery of shopping can leave one tired and hungry so a stop at the 'in-house' coffee shop for mid-morning coffee, a decadent pastry, a light lunch at the salad bar, or afternoon tea and cake is just the ticket. As the name hints, Department Store Day is an occasion to recognize these retail powerhouses that offer goods from around the world proving wealth to numerous nations.


The main way to celebrate the occasion (from the point of view of a consumer) will be to visit one of your favorite department stores, browse the aisles, buy something for yourself or pick out a gift or two. Consider it contributing a bit of money back into the economy, which never hurts. Shop 'til you drop!
Get Smart About Credit Day

Usually on Get Smart About Credit Day, bankers and members of the credit industry give talks and presentations at local schools, colleges and workplaces about the importance of worthy financial management. Educating young people about the threat of identity theft and the relevancy of establishing good credit is important so they will be able to make the right financial decisions and avoid debt problems now and in the future.

Credit goes right along with Department Store Day. For most of us in the 21st century, plastic (the credit card) has replaced cash when doing most shopping. While the credit card may be ultra convenient, it is often too convenient with expenditures reaching the max before you know it. So, on this day, shop smart! 
Boss Day

Through the years, chances are you will encounter or have encountered several bosses - good and badLife changes bring about switches in positions, often within the same company, sometimes with another. Each boss has his/her own unique abilities to 'boss'...hard-nosed or flexible, personal or impersonal, forgettable or unforgettable. On occasion, the only recourse is to make the best of a bad boss. Sometimes you can actually turn the bad one into a good one!

Bosses have tremendous responsibility – planning, making the hard decisions, keeping a positive workplace atmosphere for starters. Boss’s Day is dedicated to all employers and provides a prospect of improving the liaison between employers and their staff.

Some people give their bosses cards, gift certificates, or flowers on Boss’s Day. Another idea would be a gift Visa or Mastercard for shopping at a favorite department store since today is also Department Store Day. This observance is becoming increasingly popular in various workplaces. It has received both praise and controversy.

Bright Idea: Bring cinnamon rolls to the office for morning break. Then, ask for an extended lunch hour. If management has never heard of Department Store Day, enlighten the boss on Boss's Day! Perhaps the boss will want to catch the deals at the department store or maybe even close the office a little early being beneficial to both employer and employees!