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Monday, October 27, 2014

Tattie, Tater, or Tate

Potato chips, potato curls, home fries, French fries, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, sliced potatoes, diced potatoes, mashed potatoes, casseroled, as a salad, in a pie, fully stuffed or basically plain, served with love they are all the same...simply delicious! It's quite obvious what the celebration to come is about so no need to delay.
Sound familiar? It should for Awakenings showcased National Potato Day on What's Happenin' in August. So, when actually is the official celebration? There is even some reportings where October 3rd is potato day. Whether it is August 18, 19, or maybe 23 OR a day in October, anytime is a great time to Love That Spud! In fact, do you know all of the National Potato Holidays to remember?

National Potato Month: Always September!
Potato Lovers month: February
National Potato Day: August 19, August 23, October 3

Well, here is one more to add to the list!

October 27 is...

National Potato Day


“Pray for peace and grace and spiritual food,
For wisdom and guidance, for all these are good,
but don't forget the potatoes.”

John Tyler Pettee, 'Prayer and Potatoes'

No matter what you call it tater, tata, tate or simply by its nickname spud...the bottom line is it is someone's idea of heaven! Why? The answer is another question, "What is the best friend of butter?" 

Here is a poem that says it all...

Potatoes Potatoes are my favorite thing
Author: Pamela Svoboda/Gone-ta-pott.com

Potatoe's Potatoe's are my favorite things.
Baked, fried or mashed up with cream.
Potatoe's Potatoe's are simply divine-
It's smooth in the mouth & it ads to the thighs.
Potatoe's Potatoe's are white, beige or cream-
The colors don't matter as long as not green.
Potatoe's Potatoe's, add butter to taste-
A little bit of salt and elastic in the waist.
Potato's Potato's, I eat them each day-
Baked, fried or any oh way.

Did You Know?  Food Facts:
"The year 2008 was declared the International Year of the Potato by the United Nations, noting that the potato is a staple food in the diet of the world’s population, and affirming the need to focus world attention on the role that the potato can play in providing food security and eradicating poverty."
Keep in mind this is the potato...NOT including butter, sour cream, or oil for frying!
Best of all, spudzie, you are around whenever we need you...

Check out the Love Letter to the Humble Potato!
For dunkin'

For munchin' 

For breakfast, lunch or dinner...
(Click each image for recipes!)

Just don't forget to add a little bacon or sausage! YUM!


YOU, 'tater', are always a winner!

Fun Facts And Trivia About Potatoes 

Is your mouth watering yet?

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