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Thursday, October 30, 2014

And the Title Goes to...

Giants won series 4-3
Game 7, Final - yesterday, 8:07 PM
Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

Let's recap...

What a Series! Giants started with the lead winning 7-1 in Game 1; then, the Royals rebounded in Game 2 with a 7-2 victory resulting in a tied status (1-1). Game 3 ended with the Royals securing a second win 3-2 switching the leader. In Game 4, the Giants blew it out of the water with a score of 11-4 bringing the Series back to a tie (2-2). Makes you feel like a teeter-totter or a yo-yo definitely keeping adrenalin pumping! On to Game 5, where the tie is broken as the Giants shut out the Royals 5-0. Now, the pressure is really on. Game 6 becomes the determiner. Is it all over but the shouting for the Giants or will they be forced into a decisive Game 7? Royals clinch the win 10-0. Series tied 3-3.


As his Giants teammates closed in, third baseman Pablo Sandoval celebrated
after recording the final out in Game 7, a foul popup by the Royals’ Salvador Perez.

Orlin Wagner/Associated Press
Game 7 did not deter one bit in the excitement. No one team shut out the other as both contenders remained in full swing! It was the Giants, however, who came out on top capturing their third World Series title in the last five years with a 3-2 victory against the Kansas City Royals.
The Giants' cardpath to victory has been a little different each year, but this title was the most unconventional. How do you win a World Series with a one-man starting rotation who moonlights in middle relief in the biggest game of the season? Read MORE...
Hats off to the Royals! The royals played a stellar game against Madison Bumgarner's outstanding performance. The Royals had much on their side, including recent history: The home team had been victorious in the last nine Series Game 7s, dating to 1982. 

Be proud of the Royals and the community who supported them all season long!