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Monday, October 27, 2014

In Full Swing


Lights, Cameras...Baseball! Major League Baseball World Series is in full swing, literally! Scores fluctuating back-and-forth between the two contenders have kept fans both in the bleachers and at home pumped up with excitement, as well as agitated and aggravated depending upon who is pulling for whom. Game 5 brought another a tie-breaker putting the Giants ahead. 

It all started with anticipation of Bases Loaded! Full Count! In Game 1, the Giants leap ahead of the Royals concluding the game with a score of 7 - 1. That places the Giants leading the Series 1 - 0. Game 2 finds the teams switching places as the Kansas City Royals are Smokin' Hot rebounding from their loss, roaring ahead to a 7 - 2 victory. At that point, it is a tied Series, 1-1. This is followed by Game 3 where the Kansas City Royals secure a second win beating the Giants by one run (3 - 2), which breaks the 1-1 tie placing the Royals in the Series lead, 2 - 1. Then, comes the Blowout! Game 4 has the Giants bustin' at the seams as they forge ahead with an 11 - 4 win. Series tied 2 - 2! 

On to Game 5...

What happened next? The tie is broken once again as the Giants shut out the Royals.


Giants lead series 3-2
Game 5, Final - Sunday, 8:07 PM
AT&T Park, San Francisco, California
 San Francisco Giants = 5

Kansas City Royals = 0

5 things we learned from the Giants' win in Game 5 of the World Series

Will we find ourselves in the clutches of yet another tie or will the Giants secure its place in Series history? It is still anyone's Series!


On to Game 6...



World Series, Game 6 - Giants lead series 3-2
Tomorrow (Tuesday), 8:07 PM on FOX
Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

 After all, There's something about Game 6!

  If you missed the humor earlier...

Who, What, I Don't Know  

Let's just play baseball!



 It's all-American, folks!