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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The “Rum Toddy”

One Red-Hot Day                                                                 Cuddle with Pooh!

Terrific Toddie Treats
  • Irish Coffee: Coffee with Whiskey + Bailey’s Irish cream 
  • Jamaican Coffee: Coffee with Rum + Kahlua 
  • Broken Leg: Apple Cider + Rum garnished w/ a cinnamon stick
  • Dutch Treat: Hot Chocolate + Brandy topped w/ whipped cream
  • Almond Kiss Cocktail: Hot Cocoa + Amaretto & whipped cream
  • Honey-Bourbon: Honey + water + Bourbon w/ lemon twist
* Remember to enjoy responsibly!

Hot Pumpkin Spice Buttered Rum
Yo-ho-ho & a cup of hot buttered rum! It's wintertime with warm drinks definitely on the menu. Double Pleasure celebration has already taken place on January 11 with Milk Day and Hot Toddy Day. In the United States, the term “hot toddy” and “hot buttered rum” can be used interchangeably, although variations of each will occur regionally. 

For this day, focus is on the perfect winter drink combination to warm you all over on a br-r-r-r cold winter's night. This spiced rum drink dates back to popularity in the colonial days along with spiced tea and eggnog. It is a mixed drink containing rum, butter, hot water or cider, sweetener and spices (typically cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves). One might wonder why the drink is not called 'battered' rum. The aforementioned ingredients form a batter that is then mixed with rich, dark rum.

 Slow Cooker Hot Buttered Rum (Recipe)

 Hot Rum & Ginger Tea Toddy (Recipe)

Best Hot Buttered Rum (Recipe)
Of course, limitations do not have to be placed on simply a drink for the hot buttered rum...
Egg Nog French Toast with Butter Rum Syrup (Recipe)

Butter Rum Muffins (Recipe)

 Hot Buttered Rum Cheesecake
with Brown Sugar-Rum Sauce (Recipe)

 The best of three worlds:
Chocolate, Cranberry & Hot Buttered Rum! (Recipe)

Making the Batter, Making the Drink (Recipe)

Is your mouth watering yet?