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Friday, January 16, 2015

One Red-Hot Day

Oh, my! Figgy Goodness!                               The "Rum Toddy"!

Along with Figgy Goodness,

Oven Fried Chicken Wings (Recipe)
Some like it hot. Some like it REALLY hot. And some like it FIERY! Today is the day to spice it up for the one red-hot day a year! If you are one of the world’s chili heads, heat-seekers and extreme eaters, this is your chance to experiment and take your passion to extremes.
International Hot and Spicy Foods Day sparks a wildfire of events, from habanero-eating challenges to fancy-dress contests and cook-offs of popular recipes. Among serious aficionados, it also re-kindles the great debate: which chili pepper tops the official Scoville heat scale?
There’s no denying the daredevil nature of some of the celebrations. However, people who like a meal to tingle their taste buds, not make their eyes water, shouldn’t feel left out. Enjoying a touch of heat in our cooking is a worldwide human trait, so what better day to invite your family and friends to discover a different cuisine? Thai, Indian, Creole and Caribbean dishes are all famous for their blends of aromatic ingredients, but many cultures boast their own favorites. After all, variety is truly the spice of life…

Do you remember the first time you tasted a hot & spicy food?

For the featured recipes, remember you can spice them up as hot as you like! You just might want to check with your guests before serving...mild, medium, hot or fiery?

 Spice up your dinner routine with these spicy recipes.

 Hot & Spicy Buffalo Shrimp (Recipe)

Kickin' Hot Chili (Recipe)

Chili Dog (Recipe)

And for the CHOCOLATE touch...
Drum roll, please!

Spicy Chilli Hot Chocolate (Recipe)

Ever had your mouth on fire and chugged water, water, water? OOPS! You just spread the burn around your mouth!


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 Surely your mouth is watering by now?