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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brownies go Blonde!

Chowdah!                                                                                   Pie! Pie! Pie!
No! No! No! Blonde Brownie Girl Scouts do not have their own special day! This is the unique spin on the old-fashioned chocolate brownie: Golden "blonde" brownies with pure brown sugar, butter and vanilla creating a caramelesque, butterscotchy flavor.
Blonde Brownies1 (Recipe)

Traditional blonde or butterscotch brownies, also known as "blondies," pack the sweetness without the caffeine kick of chocolate. They are made with a brown sugar base and baked like any dessert bar. Concerned if your brownies might turn out a little bitter? Never fear - the brown sugar will take you away on a wave of sweetness! Recipes can vary slightly to being quite different. Here are a few from which you can make a choice...
Blonde Brownies2 (Recipe)
No chocolate in this recipe, which is typical for the true 'blondie'.
Blonde Brownies3 (Recipe)
Toffee and chocolate dot the golden brown batter of these fudge-like brownies.
Blonde Brownies4 (Recipe)
The chocolate chips addition kicks up the recipe a notch by supplying the necessary caffeine for those who need it!
For something a little different...

 Blondie Cupcakes! (Recipe)
Blondie OVERLOAD Cupcakes (Recipe)

Is your mouth watering yet?