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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome home, Daddy!

This is the most beautiful video you will ever see...  

We should all be humbled when our service men and women come home. The tears that are shed are indeed tears of joy as they receive warm hugs and kisses from loved ones. These are not the only tears unfortunately as is depicted by the flags in the video. Not all of our service men and women make it home.

Image Source: flickr.com

It is important to recognize while this is mainly a video welcoming service men home, the same sentiments hold true for our service women. Perhaps not as many mothers are deployed as fathers. Not up to date on the statistics. The main point is the watering eyes are for the Honor, Respect, and Love we should all have for these men and women. They are paying a high price for our country, freedom, their families and each of us.

Image Source: flickr.com

God Bless you all with His eternal Love and may you never be forgotten for your courage and sacrifices. You are the HERO'S... .