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Friday, February 7, 2014

Supporting Our Troops with Music

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Music (or any entertainment for that matter) plays an integral role in support of our military forces, especially when soldiers of any branch are deported overseas. Time away from home, family and friends, pets, simple daily routines, sunny surroundings, etc. may span a few months to encompassing a tour of years. Common events many of which are taken for granted here at home - concerts, recitals, wrestling matches, baseball or football games - offer musical entertainment throughout or on an intermission basis. No longer are these readily available. No tickets on sale. No theater offering comfort seats and air conditioning. No sports complex just a block away. No auditorium.

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Can you imagine the feeling when a 'touch of home' traverses miles and miles across oceans and deserts to ease the sufferings of our war weary soldiers?  They may be male or female, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy but they all share one thing in common: defending America's freedoms. We ask them to be brave, expect them to maintain courage, hope they come home alive. They write home speaking of love for those they sorely miss and all the things they are scared of but how do we reply?

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There are many entertainers who support the troops, performing and visiting bases around the world. Some are part of programs, such as the USO, while others perform on their own, each giving up their time for the good of the cause. There are possibly others who travel under a promotional contract but hopefully their performances are not for the love of money. Those who support the troops when PR is a payback are also part of the mix. Then, there is the opposite, those who support the troops that the general public does not know about because they prefer to be anonymous.

Bottom line...

Don't give up on them...you certainly don't want them to give up on you.
Now that is something to think about!

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of supportive times...

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