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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Partying in the Parking Lot


Image: AP Photo/
Rick Osentoski/Associated Press
Along with Superbowl Sunday comes time to partey! Parteeey! PARTEEEY! Gatherings will occur in homes, backyards (many of which are already underway) and of course, the ever popular parking lot of Metlife Stadium. Food will be plentiful, unique and outrageous, with the beer flowing like a Las Vegas fountain.
Image Source: www.flickr.com
This is the first time for a Superbowl game to not only take place in a non-domed stadium but one located in a cold-weather city. Will this put a damper on the tailgaters that always accompany championship football games, especially one as spectacular as the Superbowl? Is this to be further contemplated at an even higher level since vehicles loaded to the gills will no longer include bags of charcoal, propane or grills? That's right!  No open fire!

With the banning of open flames, hands can no longer be warmed close to the fire, the scenery will no longer be smoke-filled nor will the aroma of charcoal-grilled food permeate the air. While a tradition may have come to an end as a result of Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans taking place just five months after the 9/11 attacks, did that mean the end of fun, fun-u-u-un, FUN tailgating? Not at all. Not by any means.

Before even delving into other possibilities, my first thoughts, idea or light bulb, so to speak, was electric instead of charcoal or propane. There are a plethora of inventive new technology means of cooking via electricity, even if the power source is nothing but the automobile. If you don't want to simply take my word for it, check it out by clicking the link below.

 Have fun but be safe! Show respect and honor for both teams. Each will be playing hard for your enjoyment.

Wave the flag of your favorite team but most of all, wave the American flag in honor of all who have sacrificed so you can enjoy the freedom of being able to participate and watch the game of football!

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