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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Best Superbowl Commercials?

For Superbowl Sunday, what better way to start than reflecting on the past and previewing 2014 upcoming Superbowl Commercials. There is so much emotion involved on this day both on and off the field. Thousands upon thousands of dollars will ultimately change hands. In the end, there will be tears. Buckets and buckets full of tears! Some will be tears of extreme elation while others will be downtrodden tears with thoughts of I can't believe we lost.  Oh, well, it is a game. One team will win, the other will lose.

Just like the game, there will be winners and losers among the Superbowl ads. Who will come out on top? Which one will be the best of the best? I have come to loath the commercials because they have become so stupid. The male role is by far the worse in belittlement and stupidity.

Click the pic above and scroll through the video clips!

After having a peak at which were deemed the best in 2013, let's move ahead to what is proposed for today's game.


Super Bowl 2014 ads: What are the 5 most anticipated TV commercials?

Instead of asking which you think will make it into prime time, perhaps the best question is more like "Which is the WORSE?"

Except for a couple, this batch gets a 

Budweiser always comes through with a tear jerker and of course, what animal is more beautiful than the Clydesdale? As for most of the others, surely there are better writers out there. What is really sad is that for the worst of the worst I actually remember what was being advertised. UGH! Maybe that is the point. The stupider the ad the more it is talked about! Hello!

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