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Friday, February 14, 2014

Arizona: Saddle Up!

This Day in History: February 14, 1912

Arizona's state motto is Ditat Deus in Latin, translating as "God Enriches." Its nickname is The Grand Canyon State named for its unmatched vistas riding along its rim. The grand canyon was formed by the uplifting of the Colorado plateau and erosion caused by the Colorado River over a period of 6 million years. Nearly two billion years of the Earth's history can be observed in the layers of exposed rock. Prehistoric native Americans built settlements within the canyon and its many caves. The Pueblo people considered the Grand Canyon a holy site and made pilgrimages to it.
Arizona is the 48th state and last of the contiguous (connected) states to be admitted to the Union, achieving statehood on February 14, 1912. It was previously part of the territory of Alta California in New Spain before being passed down to independent Mexico and later ceded to the United States after the Mexican-American War. The southernmost portion of the state was acquired in 1853 through the Gadsden Purchase.

Arizona is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States
known as one of the Four Corners states.
Arizona State Flag

The state flag of Arizona "represents the copper star of Arizona rising
from a blue field in the face of a setting sun". The 13 gold and red "beams" or "rays"
on Arizona's flag represent the sun setting over the western desert and
the original 13 colonies (red and gold colors were also carried by Coronado's
Spanish expedition in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola in 1540).

Arizona Great Seal
Arizona Tree Frog
The Arizona tree frog  was designated the state amphibian of Arizona in 1986. Elected by the school children of Arizona during the "Arizona Wildlife Awareness" program in 1985 (sponsored by Arizona Game & Fish Commission), the Arizona tree frog won over the other three finalists: the red spotted toad, the Colorado River toad, and the spadefoot toad.
Cactus Wren
The state bird of Arizona is the cactus wren,
officially recognized in 1931.
The largest North American wren (7-9 inches),
cactus wrens are native to the arid southwestern
United States extending to central Mexico.
Saguaro Cactus Blossom 

The pure white waxy blossom of the giant saguaro cactus

was designated the state flower of Arizona in 1931. Saguaro cactus
is indigenous to Arizona and grows to a height of 40 to 50 feet and 
lives to an age of 150 to 200 years old.

For the State Symbols of Arizona click HERE!

The state song of Arizona is also referred to as the Arizona State Anthem. Margaret Rowe Clifford is the author of the official state song, which is titled the "Arizona March Song." Maurice Blumenthal composed the music for anthem, and it was officially recognized by the Arizona Legislature on February 28,1919. In 1981, famous country-western singer and actor Rex Allen, Jr. wrote a song entitled "Arizona" that became the alternative to the official state song.

Saddle Up!


Hold on to your horses?
nope, put them aside
'tis the mule you'll need
for this wondrous ride

The Ponderosa Forest
 PiƱon and Juniper woodlands
boast of copious wildlife
 once dodged by hoodlums

The road is rocky
the cliffs are steep

with the edge so near
 steady grip you'll keep

 From the rim of a canyon cliff
a panoramic view appears

 so breathtaking its beauty
visions recapped demand tears

 Thunderous sounds of water
pierce the stillness of the air
hues of vivid blue-green color
pools of splendor do declare


Looking over the Colorado River
resting from a rough 'n' tough ride

the journey on mule back
echoes emotions of joyous pride

This is America, this is Arizona!

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Sharla Lee Shults
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