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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gear up for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!


First Saturday in February is...

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Wake up early tomorrow morning in anticipation of a very unusual breakfast! You may have a busy, busy day ahead but this is one day you do NOT want to skip breakfast. NO cooking involved, NO soggy cereal, NO burnt toast, NO runny eggs...you get the picture!  Fill up instead on a hearty bowl of ice-cream, enjoy your favorite ice cream sandwich, sip on an ice cream soda, have a sundae or even a banana or pineapple split! YUM! YUM!

That’s right – Ice Cream For Breakfast Day does away with wheat, corn and wholemeal breakfast foods in favor of frozen creamy treats. If you do not have any ice cream in your freezer, a trip to the closest grocery or convenience store is definitely in order!



For once, ENJOY your breakfast to its fullest!

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