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Life IS history in the making. Every word we say, everything we do becomes history the moment it is said or done. Life void of memories leaves nothing but emptiness. For those who might consider history boring, think again: It is who we are, what we do and why we are here. We are certainly individuals in our thoughts and deeds but we all germinated from seeds planted long, long ago.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Third Week of February

February is movin' right along as we approach its midpoint. Hard to believe the month is already almost half over. That means the time for time change, Spring and Easter celebration are only a short time away. With frigid temperatures still plaguing many parts of our nation, saying one is 'ready for Spring' is indeed an understatement. So, to help bring some cheer to a somewhat dreary day, it is always good to remember every day is a day for celebration where one will find the fun, weird and wonderful.
February 14 is...
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February 15 is...

What does Presidents' Day mean to you? Do you have the day off from work? Are you seeking out the best deals and sales? Are you into Clothing and Accessories, Shoes and Purses, Home and Garden, Health and Well Being, Tech/Computers/Accessories? Slow down ... actually, STOP!

February 15 is also...

Gumdrops are a chewy, brightly-colored, fruit-flavored confection, shaped like a truncated cone and coated in granulated sugar. When they are flavored with spices (allspice, cinnamon, clove, licorice, peppermint and wintergreen, for example) they’re called spice drops.

AND February 15 is...

You have got to be kidding!  Check it out to see what is being celebrated!  

February 16 is...
Ever Met a Grouch?

You are challenged to make that prickly, stern, cranky individual smile if nothing else...make him or her show the pearly whites! Go for it! You just may make someone's day or that person will walk away just as grumpy as ever. At least you will know you gave it your best shot and that, my friend, will keep YOU smiling!
February 17 is...
Random Acts of Kindness Day

What makes this day different from an ordinary day is the fact it is a holiday with a lot of working folks being granted a day off. That means more people will be out and about all during the day...shopping, picnicking, visiting, just having fun. All the more opportunities to randomly share acts of kindness to family, friends and strangers!
February 18 is...
Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Pop the cork and enjoy a refreshing glass of Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot, Shiraz, or Zinfandel in honor of the occasion!
February 19 is...
Temporary Insanity Day

NO! I am not kidding! Actually, that's how the day made the calendar.February 19 is the first day a plea of temporary insanity was accepted as a plea in court.
February 20 is...
Love Your Pet Day

Our Foxie
Did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet? Approximately 39% of US households own at least one dog and 33% own at least one cat. Pets provide wonderful companionship and can actually help decrease blood pressure and stress.
That is NOT all! Stay tuned for the historical facts and trivia, music spotlights and foodie fun! There is so much more to...