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Monday, February 1, 2016

Bizarre, Weird, a Treasure Trove, Creative & Quirky

Naturally loaded with goodness bordering on the bizarre and weird making it a day filled with foodie fun and lots of humor. It's a day of sharing and caring with family and kids at the top of the list. And, it is not without its share of quirkiness! Get ready! Get set! Go for one or go for all in celebration of the first day of February, the month of love!

National Baked Alaska Day 

Quite bizarre but a masterpiece of chemistry actually!

Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch Baked Alaska (Recipe) 
Baked Alaska is this wonderful ice cream cake concoction that seems easy, but actually isn’t because ice cream makes you nervous and you get scared it’s going to melt before you finish and then you can’t get the ice cream out of the bowl and you anticipate a pending disaster and then the oven wants to burn the hell out of your ice cream cake at the bottom. Oh, is that just me? So says The Foodie Patootie...
A Bit of 'Baked Alaska' History...
We have American physicist Benjamin Thompson to thank for discovering how to make meringue back in the early 1800′s! For meringue is a key component of Baked Alaska (recipe), the spotlighted dish being celebrated on Baked Alaska Day!

This sweet treat was named by the chef at the famous New York Delmonico’s Restaurant in 1876 to celebrate America’s acquisition of its new territory. Its lesser known name of Norwegian Omelette also gives tribute to this dessert’s characteristic appearance of a cold, snow covered mountain. Enjoy!

Working Naked Day (No naked pictures, sorry!)
Weird! Wonder how much work would actually get done!
As its name suggests, Working Naked Day is the day in which you carry out the day’s work unclothed (hopefully at home). It should be hastily mentioned that this does NOT mean that you turn up at your workplace stark naked – rather, the whole point is that the day celebrates the act of working from home and the freedom that results from this situation. If you are still shy, then bear in mind that the day can be celebrated by wearing pajamas.

Take Your Child to the Library Day

 The library...a treasure trove for all ages. Priceless.

Image Source: flickr.com
After all, February IS Library Lovers Month. Take your child to the library and you will feed their imagination! A love of reading and books starts with pictures, stories and rhymes which even the youngest child can enjoy; Take Your Child To The Library Day is a great excuse to swing by.
Decorating With Candy Day

Creating sweetness without feeling guilty!

Image Source: en.wikiipedia.org
On Decorating With Candy Day, people can create and enjoy their sweet creations without guilt. Why not slather a layer of your favorite chocolate candies over a batch of freshly baked and iced cupcakes? Or crush up some peppermint candies and sprinkle them over some minty cheesecake, to add a delicious, fresh taste? Or surprise your own family by creating a whole family scene of jelly babies on top of some cookies? Whatever you fancy, today is the day where you can buy a packet of those much-loved candies, and get decorating away to create a special sweet treat that will be sure to make everyone proud to celebrate Decorating with Candy Day!

Last for today...the quirky...would you believe?

Car Insurance Day
Image Source: flickr.com
It can’t compete for romance with Valentine’s Day. It can’t inspire the joy of Christmas. And it’s almost impossible to find an appropriate costume. But if you remember it, Car Insurance Day will keep you covered the whole year round.

Why not “celebrate” with a quick price comparison – or just a phone call to ask for a better deal. Then test the smoke alarm, tidy the garage and enjoy the peace of mind.

Just remember...no insurance, no car!

Whew! All of this celebration and on one day!

The only thing left to do is to decide which one(s) to 

Have fun!