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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Partey! Parte-e-ey! PARTE-E-EY!

Along with Superbowl Sunday comes time to partey! Parte-e-ey! PARTE-E-EY! Gatherings will occur in homes, backyards, and a variety of locations, many of which are already underway! Food will be plentiful, recipes ranging from the simplest to the most unique and outrageous, with the Word of the Day - BEER flowing like a Las Vegas fountain. My, my! For the Love of Beer! 

BUT what about the parking lot of Levi's Stadium?

What's missing from this picture?

The Super Bowl won't be so super for tailgaters! That's right...NO tailgating at Levi's Stadium Super Bowl 50! It seems the Super Bowl has become so commercialized more emphasis is being placed on the media, rather than the fans. With the NFL prohibiting grills of any kind, setting up tents or eating or drinking outside of your vehicle, that means you must get creative...really CREATIVE! OR simply partey somewhere else prior to game time OR get to the game early and parte-e-ey inside your car!

Wherever you are celebrating, have FUN but be SAFE! Show respect and honor for both teams who will be putting forth their best efforts for your enjoyment. It's a rough and tough game but only the players should be going home with any bruises!

Wave the flag of your favorite team but most of all, wave the American flag in honor of all who have sacrificed so you can enjoy the freedom of being able to PARTE-E-EY and watch the game of football!

My America, YOUR America, Our America

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