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Saturday, February 20, 2016

♫Not Your Ordinary Playboys♫

By definition, a playboy is...
a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.
More in today's spotlight shines on those who can be classified as 'not your ordinary playboys' whose leader was born into the entertainment industry. Being the son or daughter of a successful entertainer, however, does not necessarily mean he or she will inherit the same or any special talents. Some unite as a duo, such as The Carpenters, or even the entire family forms a group, such as The Osmonds. Of course, the talent is not limited to the music industry but may extend into Broadway and film where the genre entertains drama, comedy or both. Often times, overlapping occurs whereby song and dance produce hits on stage, in film and video/single/album recordings. Then, there are those who simply just LOVE the music!

This Day in Music History: February 20, 1965 

Welcome into the Spotlight...

Gary Lewis and the Playboys American 1960s era pop and rock group, fronted by musician Gary Lewis, the son of comedian Jerry Lewis

Being the son of international comedian, Jerry Lewis, it was inevitable Gary Lewis would become an entertainer. Yet, he was individualistic enough to venture out into the music world, instead of comedy and film. Gary started the band with four close friends when he was 18. Joking at the lateness of his bandmates to practice, Lewis referred to them as "playboys", and the name stuck. [Source: wikipedia.org]
For his fourteenth birthday in the summer of 1960, Gary was given a set of drums. Four years later he formed a group in the Los Angeles area with guitarists David Walker and Al Ramsay, lead guitarist David Costell, keyboard player John West, and Gary himself on drums and vocals. They called themselves Gary Lewis and the Playboys and eventually began playing at Disneyland. West Coast record producer Snuff Garrett signed them to a contract with Liberty Records. [Source: Gary Lewis and the Playboys - A Biography]
The band had an earnest, boy-next-door image similar to British invasion contemporaries such as Herman's Hermits and Gerry and the Pacemakers. The group folded in 1970, but a version of the band later resumed touring and continues to tour, often playing for veteran's benefits. [Source: wikipedia.org]

Gary Lewis & The Playboys, HFL District Auditorium, February 9, 2013
 “Heart Beats for Mendon” fundraiser for the Mendon Public Library

The Official Gary Lewis and the Playboys Web Site! With 8 Gold Singles, 17 Top 40 Hits, 4 Gold Albums, and 45 Million records sold worldwide, Gary Lewis and the Playboys are still one of the hottest acts around. But for now, let's step back in time to...
1965 Gary Lewis and the Playboys started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'This Diamond Ring.' Lewis is the son of actor Jerry Lewis.
In 1965, Gary Lewis was voted Male Vocalist of the Year by CashBox magazine, beating out Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. The demand for “This Diamond Ring" was so rabid, the pressing plant had to stay open 24 hours a day to meet it. Gary and the Playboys made more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and also popped up on other popular shows of the time, including a memorable appearance with father Jerry on Hullabaloo.


Click the icon at left for the songs that were No.1 on February 19 from 1940 to 2016. Then, select a year to see all songs that hit No.1 in that year. Here are but a few for your listening enjoyment to bring on the memories...

On this day in...

1970 The single 'Instant Karma' by the Plastic Ono Band was released in the US. John Lennon had written, recorded and mixed the track all in one day, January 27, 1970.
1971 The soundtrack to 'Jesus Christ Superstar' went to No.1 on the US album chart. The album peaked at No.6 on the UK chart.

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...

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