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Monday, February 8, 2016

Mosey on up to the Bar

Where I live, there is no bar in town! Not even a sarsaparilla bar or a bar with a soda fountain. Makes me wonder how to celebrate the molasses bar. What kind of bar is it anyway and what are the specialties. Perhaps it is not that kind of bar anyway!

According to the foodie Patooie...
The Molasses Bar is kind of like a maple syrup brownie. It’s chewy, sweet, and the frosting has molasses in it too, making a dish that pretty much punches your mouth with an awesome fist. POW!
So, instead of jumping in your car and heading to the local bar, mosey on up to the bar (or counter) in your kitchen because

February 8 is...
National Molasses Bar Day


Molasses has been used for food sweetening since the 1500s. Molasses is adored for distinctive taste, that is why it is one of the ingredient of different sauces, baked beans, cookies and even fruitcakes. But, let's get to the bar! When did you last appreciate the taste of molasses bar? It's time to remember and celebrate National Molasses Bar Day on February 8.
Recipes for the Molasses Bar vary so click each image below and perhaps you will find just the right one for your taste. 

Molasses Bars (Recipe)
These Molasses bars are a cross between a chewy brownie and a soft molasses cookie.
Molasses-Ginger-Pecan Granola Bars (no-bake, vegan) (Recipe)
From Corrine who features the recipe: A new version of my standard granola bar recipe!

In 1919 there was a Molasses Flood in Boston?!

Chewy Molasses Bars (Recipe)
"Molasses, brown sugar, and walnuts bring chewiness, texture, and great flavor to these easy autumn lunch-box treats." 
Molasses Cake Bars (Recipe)
This tastes a lot like gingerbread without the "bite" so if you have someone in your house that just hates ginger or spicy sweets this might be a good option.
Molasses Raisin Spice Bars (Recipe)
Instead of being quite sweet, often chocolatey, with many layers and fun additions, these bars are more like a spice cake.

If  you prefer the video to the written recipe...



 Is your mouth watering yet?




yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!