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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Snap, Bite, Crunch!

Caramel is second only to possibly chocolate, unless you put the two together then it more than likely moves up a notch. The term "caramel" has two meanings: the highest stage of heated sugar (also caramelized/caramelization as in pralines) and a confection (candy). A caramel counterpart is toffee: a devilishly delicious sweet candy made by caramelizing sugar or molasses (creating inverted sugar) along with butter, and occasionally flour. While being prepared, it is not unusual to mix in nuts or raisins. Exceptionally great is when the toffee is incorporated into various recipes...sauces, pudding, vegan, cupcakes, etc.

A Smashing History of Toffee dates this tasty confection's name being recorded in 1825. It is believed the candy making itself dates farther back with the official date of its first making not being known. It is for certain, however, that a form of toffee has its own special day of celebration.

January 8 is...
National English Toffee Day
This form of caramel has a pleasant crumbly snap and marries well with nuts and chocolate. Enjoy it plain or infuse baked goods with shots of its buttery goodness.
Recognized by the National Confectioners Associations and celebrated by millions across the country, January 8th of each year celebrates National English Toffee Day. A popular variant of the original toffee that is a confection made by caramelizing sugar or molasses along with butter, the United States adapted  “English toffee” into a very buttery toffee usually made with almonds. This toffee is available in both chewy and hard versions. The Heath bar is a type of candy bar that is made with an English toffee core. Notice how well the toffee pairs with chocolate!
So, what do you do on National English Toffee Day? 
Make some toffee and eat it or incorporate some in a recipe, of course!

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Is your mouth watering yet?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!