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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do you dress your pet?

With the craziness and wackiness in the world today, it is no wonder there is absolutely something to be celebrated on each and every day of the year. Such celebrations are not limited just to humans. Our most beloved pets have their days too, such as National Cat Day, National Hairball Awareness Day, National Puppy Day, Love Your Pet Day, etc.! Where couples often dress alike...mostly color coordinated, some folks think their pets should make the match as well or just simply make their own fashion statement.

January 14 is...
National Dress Your Pet Day

Pets definitely become a very loving part of a family. Why shouldn't they deserve their own special day(s)? After all, human parents don't spoil them on a regular basis...right? I am kidding, of course. They are absolutely spoiled rotten so why not show off your pet's personality while supporting the pet fashion community at the same time! Some pets cannot be donned in 'cutesy' attire, others do not need their mobility restricted so do be careful and remain fully aware of your pet's ability to breathe and move freely.
Here are a few ideas: Be sure to click each image for additional links...

Rep your favorite sports team.

Make your pet the center of attention.
Keep it simple...especially for cats!

Fit your pet's personality.

Provide a chance to be a superhero.

 Harness in style.

 Match pet to human.

Some people definitely have a tendency to go overboard!

A little bonus for the funny bone...

Do you dress your pet? What special outfit do you have in mind for National Dress Your Pet Day?