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Friday, December 25, 2015

Why the Candy 'Cane'

Christmas Day has come and is almost gone. Only the evening left with time for leftovers along with the welcomed time for relaxation...before beginning the real cleanup! Looking upon the Christmas tree is a sight that has not yet been included along with all the other Christmas traditions...not only a great addition to the Christmas tree but also terrific accents for table decorations. Though the full swing of Christmas day has reached its peak, there is a special crooked candy that remains an intricate part of remaining celebrations. In fact, it can be found and enjoyed throughout the entire year. The shape may change with the season but the flavor is still the same...peppermint!

Synonymous with the Christmas season is the Christmas tree, door wreaths, Santa Claus, sleigh bells, gifts and of course, the Candy Cane. For nearly 350 years, people have been eating this delicious peppermint candy with its unique crooked shape. With time the candy cane has become more versatile as people use them for more than just enjoying the cool, peppermint taste.
December 26 is...

National Candy Cane Day
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Historians believe that candy canes date back to the 17th century when Christians would use sugar stick to represent a shepherd’s staff. At the time, the all-white candy canes were given out to the kids during church services to keep them from behaving badly. There’s also another theory that the candy cane looks like the letter “J”, which stands for baby Jesus. Many stories and songs accompany its history with a variety of ways to enjoy this sweet treat other than simply the cane by itself.


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