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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fill 'er Up?

Since the making of the first automobile has been the need for a source of power, whether steam, electric or gasoline. With the production of the gasoline-powered automobile came the ever present gas station. While gasoline companies have unique logos and what they call their own standard station designs, all across the country one will find those that have withstood the sands of time leaving behind remnants of nostalgia that tug at your heartstrings. Then, there are those that are different, out-of-the-norm, unusual and described by some as totally bizarre. Whatever the reason for the normal or the strange designs, many have become iconic symbols of an era gone by. In all cases, the question was still the same...fill 'er up?

A bit of the nostalgic for today...

Horton's Store, Person County, North Carolina

Built in 1922, this little teapot was at one time said to be among the oldest operating gas stations in the country. Alongside I-82, this 15 foot tall teapot was originally built as a comic statement about the Teapot Dome oil deals of the 1920s. No longer in operation, it was purchased by the city in 2007, rehabilitated, and relocated in 2012 to 117 First Avenue, Zillah, Washington.
In 1935 E.F. Boydston decided to cover the gas station, cafe, and motor court that he owned with petrified wood. That's pretty much the end of the story. These days the buildings are in the hands of one of E.F's grandchildren. Gas is no longer sold, but the cafe still sells food.
Old West Gas Station 1940s
Standard Oil Station with Old Conestoga Covered Wagon as Attraction 

 Ah-h-h-h! The sights and sounds of the old gas pump! What memories!

Do you remember the days when cars had a lot of chrome, gas was 28¢ a gallon and attendants were on hand to pump the gas, check the oil, wash the windshield and make sure none of the tires were leaking air before letting you go on your way?

The epitome of nostalgia...

Jim Curtis doesn't have to go far to get to the gas station — he has one right in the driveway of his west Topeka home.

In Curtis' case, the Skelly station doesn't dispense fuel but does offer up plenty of memories.

Curtis' station has a ringer-washer, a crate of old pop bottles and a rubber hose that makes a "ding, ding" sound when a car runs over it near the gas pumps.

Check out his story HERE...

As for as pumps go, this has always been one of my favorite snapshots...
Beer? or Gas?
  Is beer popular? Ask the owner of this gasoline?, OOPS! beer? pump!

Hope you have enjoyed this little walk down memory lane! Which era opened your mind to nostalgic memories?