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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dough for Dear

Christmas Time is such a joyous time...a time for decorating, sharing and giving! Within the decorative process, shopping includes having set aside enough dough ($) for everything that may be on the list. One might even encounter the lawn deer...fawn, doe and buck. Of course, Rudolph and/or all the reindeer often find a place somewhere either on the front lawn or inside the house nearby the Christmas tree. Yet, even more importantly is the time in the kitchen...family time, time with the kids, memories in the making. Since so much of the kitchen time requires baking, there is definitely dough in the making for those you hold dear.

Yesterday, December 9, celebrated National Pastry Day with the question being What's 'n the dough? Not talkin' about $! Today let's remain in tune with the dough but this time look at one of the all time Christmas favorites . . . COOKIES! Each of us probably has the family favorite recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Thoughts bring about recollections of smiles and laughter as flour somehow found a place from head to toe.

The most traditional, well known and well loved cookies in the whole world...the Sugar Cookie!
A lot of love & joy go into cookie baking :-) This baked dough is the perfect gift for someone dear to your heart. Ever thought about making a cookie tray, then, taking it to a hospital, retirement or senior citizen center? Think no more, just do it!!
There are traditional ideas for sugar cookie decorating but the door is wide open for new possibilities. Who do you hold most dear? Decorate a LARGE sugar cookie with that very special touch for your 'dearest'!
Tips in 14 seconds for decorating cookies with kids!


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sugar Cookies


 Only one thing left to do...get to work and get them made! Be sure to turn the music on...