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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Times Square New Year’s Eve Balldrop


Weighing in at 11,875 pounds, NYC's New Year's Eve ball is embellished by 2,688 Waterford Crystals and powered by 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs.

Click the image to watch the live stream as Times Square plays host to one million revelers!

Since early in the 20th century millions upon millions have gathered in Times Square on New Year's Eve...the highlight of the evening being the 'balldrop'. That first New Year's Eve Ball was nothing like the one depicted in the image above. Instead of Waterford Crystals, the ball was made of iron and wood, adorned with 25-watt light bulbs. Being 5 feet in diameter this ball weighed in at 700 pounds. While New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square began as early as 1904, the ball's maiden descent occurred from the flagpole atop One Times Square in 1907. It was built by a young immigrant metalworker named Jacob Starr, and for most of the twentieth century the company he founded, sign maker Artkraft Strauss, was responsible for lowering the Ball.

History of the New Year's Eve Ball...

Thanks to satellite technology, a worldwide audience estimated at over one billion people watches the ceremony each year. The lowering of the Ball has become the world's symbolic welcome to the New Year.