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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Frappé Friday

It's autumn! What speaks autumn better than pumpkin & spice? The aroma from pumpkin pies baking in the oven ignite holiday spirits well before the holidays begin. Even without the pie, the addition of pumpkin spice adds zest to varying foods bringing about visions of upcoming celebrations. For today, which is a Friday in 2016, attention will not be on a food but actually a beverage. Not just any beverage but a coffee. Not just any coffee, not even one that is freshly brewed still piping hot. This coffee is a frappé. That makes today Frappé Friday! Some people pronounce it as "frap" while others say "frah-pay". Either way you say it, agreement stands on the satisfying taste of this not hot but chilled coffee treat with its flavor being pumpkin and spice only if that is what you prefer. Endless possibilities!

October 7 is... 

National Frappé Day

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If you are not already familiar with the frappé, a quizzical thought might enter your mind as to exactly "what is a frappé?" It has already been stated it is a coffee, chilled not hot. But it is the 'icing on the cake' so to speak that sets it off. The frappé is a chilled heavily foam-covered coffee drink! If you have it served with a straw, be sure to sip the flavorful brew through the foam without the straw. Best when you are left with a foam mustache!
A few things about the frappé...
1. Its origin dates back to the 1950s in Greece.
2. The word frappé originates from the French word "frapper" meaning to chill.
3. It is a drink made from instant coffee.
4. According to popular legend, coffee style frappé was accidentally invented in September 1957 by a Nestle sales representative, Dimitrios Vakondios. 
5. The frappé has become a hallmark of post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture.
[Source: wikipedia.org]

Aren't you ready for a frappé?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

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