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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Laughing Outloud

Comedy has been defined by many, from the Ancient Greek Theatre to writings of Aristotle to Shakespearean sonnets and plays to the silent film era of Charlie Chaplin, with one very important aspect in common: laughter. As time progressed from 425 BCE to modern day 21st century, the word came more and more to be associated with any sort of performance that causes one to literally laugh outloud. Today's spotlight is on an American comedy act whose work in radio, film and television made them the most popular comedy team in the 40s and 50s.

Today in Comedy History: October 8, 1942

 Laugh a little, laugh a lot, this duo hit the spot!

Abbott and Costello American comedic duo who performed onstage, in films, and on radio and television

Bud Abbott (original name William Alexander Abbott; b. October 2, 1895, Asbury Park, New Jersey, U.S.—d. April 24, 1974, Woodland Hills, California) and Lou Costello (original name Louis Francis Cristillo; b. March 6, 1906, Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.—d. March 3, 1959, East Los Angeles, California) specialized in rapid-fire patter and knockabout slapstick, and they are regarded as the archetypal team of burlesque comedy. Read MORE...

1942 Comedy duo William (Bud) Abbott and Lou Costello, known as Abbott and Costello, launch their own weekly radio show on October 8, 1942 sponsored by Camel cigarettes. The show mixed comedy with musical interludes including both regulars and semi-regulars. In 1947 Abbott and Costello moved the show to ABC (the former NBC Blue Network). During their time on ABC, the duo also hosted a 30-minute children’s radio program (The Abbott and Costello Children’s Show), which aired Saturday mornings.
 Thanks to the endurance of their most popular and influential routine, "Who's on First?"—whose rapid-fire word play and comprehension confusion set the preponderant framework for most of their best-known routines—the team is, as a result, featured in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Source: Abbott & Costello

10 Back-And-Forth Facts about Abbott and Costello

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