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Monday, August 25, 2014

Timeless B&W Photography Revisited

Stepping back in time does not always mean revisiting past centuries or even decades. History is as close as yesterday; in fact, by the time this sentence is finished, it is history. The revisit to B&W photography reflects on this time last year almost to the day. There is something absolutely timeless about black and white (B&W) photography. Perhaps because it represents the first capture of stilled images within atmospheres much grayer than those of today. Even though color existed, the choices of the times were drab, plain and simple.

A continuous range of spectral colors engulfs the Earth, sometimes pastel, oftentimes bright and bold, but such is not true for the beginning of photography. Yet, the images captured are nothing short of spectacular - delicate, pure and detailed - and that is simply the black and white (B&W) of it! 

During the 1890s, black and white photographs became commonplace in seed and nursery catalogs shortly after Kodak introduced the first handheld camera in 1888.

Embrace the Past. . .

Empower the Present. . . 

B&W is the oldest form of photography that is still in use today. Many photographers prefer a vintage camera in capturing the essence of pure black and white. Then, there are those who convert the color photographs to B&W. Since we live in a highly digital age of photography black and whites can be captured digitally and even accented with a splash of color for enhancement.

Guest Photographer: Marilyn Armstrong @Serendipity has graciously provided some of her terrific B&Ws. She is an awesome photographer whose photos provide the perfect accompaniment to her blog. The B&Ws she has provided are mostly architecture with a portrait and a waterfall thrown into the mix. Then, of course, there is my favorite B&W with a hint of red!

My favorite. . .

There are also the occasions where historical B&Ws are colorized:
Original Photograph by Toni Frissell
Colorized by HansLucifer | valdigtmycketfarg.wordpress.com

Even though life in the past occurred in just as much color as today, the black and white photography seemed to capture the essence of the emotion of the times.

Original Photograph by Dorothea Lange
Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd (photojacker on Reddit) | Photo Chopshop on Facebook
Visit 20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized @Twisted Sifter.
Enrich the Future. . . 

Whether the amateur or seasoned photographer, each will capture images on the wings of a free spirit of adventure. New designs will emerge exposing greater detail and surprising us beyond our present imagination.

Perhaps the unexplained will be explained. . .

What is your opinion of the B&W photography? Do you think B&Ws best depict historical events?

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