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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Decadently Southern


Everyone knows a Southern favorite is pecan pie. It even has its own day, National Pecan Pie Day, which is celebrated on July 12 of each year. [Check out the link for some scrumptious pecan pie dessert ideas, like Crockpot Pecan Pie, Honey Pecan Pie,and Pecan Pie Cheesecake.] This decadent, succulent, rich, delicious pie is already so-o-o-o-o yummy but is about to be taken to the next level. When you thought it couldn't get any better someone came along and added chocolate!

August 20 is...

National CHOCOLATE Pecan Pie Day


If you have a sweet tooth, love nuts and crave chocolate, then Chocolate Pecan Pie Day is the perfect opportunity to fully indulge! You don't even have to feel too guilty about grabbing a piece of pie, because pecans have all kinds of health benefits. They contain more valuable antioxidants than any other type of nut, plus plenty of fibre, minerals and vitamins. Just overlook all the other calorie mongers...on this day anyway.

A Bit of Pecan History...

The word pecan comes from the Native American Algonquin language. As the only nuts native to north America, pecans have been eaten for generations in both the USA and Mexico, but they’ve only been grown commercially since the late 19th century. The U.S. produces roughly 90% of the world's pecans, with an annual production of over 250 million pounds. Even though Georgia's nickname is The Peach State, it shares with Texas in being the largest producers of commercial pecans in the United States.
Of course, with this being a 'pie' day, the most popular way to enjoy these buttery, crunchy nuts is to bake them in a pie. Adding chocolate simply becomes the 'icing on the cake' making it even more delicious. You don't have to settle for pie if that is not your forte. Get creative!



  yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

Pecan pie may be a Southern thing but when it is something this good it must be shared...even with the Yankee folks!