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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On The Air

Radio commercials are often seen as an irritation to be endured while waiting patiently for the music. After all, music IS the reason for listening to the radio. However, commercials are an intricate part of advertising and have been part of the entertainment business for nearly a century providing employment for many people.

August 28 is...

Radio Commercials Day

http://pdxretro.com/2011/08/first-radio-commercial-aired-on-this-day-in-1922/Radio Commercials Day commemorates the day when the very first paid radio commercial was broadcast by At&T on New York station, WEAF. This took place on August 28, 1922 advertising an apartment complex for the Queensboro Reality Corporation, New York. The set of five programs over five days starting 8/28/22 cost $50, plus the long distance access fee. 
It wasn’t until 1973 that the UK had its first radio commercial, which ran on LBC and promoted Birds Eye frozen food. Many early radio commercials can be found online, and a great way to celebrate Radio Commercials Day is to listen to a few and be transported back in time. Alternatively, track down some radio commercials from around the world and be entertained by the huge variety of tone and style that are used in radio adverts from different countries.

With some of the stupid antics and idiot portrayals included in television commercials, sometimes it would be best to simply put a still image and voice over for the advertising! Touché, radio! Here are a few classic radio commercials to which you can close your eyes and use your own imagination for the imagery!


Turn the radio on!