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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Apple Pie and Beer—in one dessert!

Ah-h-h-h! The American Classics - baseball, hot dogs, apple pie & Chevrolet! They say America! It is the apple pie, not just the classic pie, that will be the foodie topic of celebration on this day. Pies with fruit as the filling are always a refreshing hit. The blend of the flaky, buttery crust with the fruit filling is enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it. It's not too late to hone in on the celebration, the afternoon is still young and the evening is yet to come.

December 3 is...

Apple Pie Day

 An apple pie is a fruit pie (or tart) in which the principal filling ingredient is apple. It is sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream on top, or alongside cheddar cheese. Pastry is generally used top-and-bottom, making it a double-crust pie, the upper crust of which may be a circular shaped crust or a pastry lattice woven of strips; exceptions are deep-dish apple pie with a top crust only, and open-face Tarte Tatin. (Source: en.wikipedia.com)

Some sources report National Apple Pie Day as falling on May 13. If we take both dates into account, then, apple pie can be celebrated twice a year. Definitely seems logical for Apple Pie to be celebrated in the springserved à la mode with vanilla ice cream, OR in the wintertopped with sharp cheddar cheese.

Tidbit of 'Apple Pie' History...
While the United States absolutely loves its apples and apple pie is an American classic, the pie is not an American creation. It was invented in Europe sometime during the 14th century. The first apple pie recipe was printed in England by Geoffrey Chaucer in 138. The ingredients in the recipe included apples, spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and cofyn (a casing of pastry).
Let's start off with a basic apple pie where you can incorporate the store bought crust or make your own from scratch. Most of the time, that is the issue...the time!

Making your own apple pie is much easier than you think 
Perhaps you don't want to bake a big pie & seem more in the mood for the minis.

 Add some sweetness to your day with these delicious cinnamony apple pies. We dare you to resist a second mini!
As much as America loves its apples, especially apple pie, it also loves its beer! So it is not surprising someone concocted a dessert that actually combines the two.

 Apple pie and beer—in one dessert
If you like to drink beer and you like to eat dessert, this may be the recipe for you. A crustless apple pie à la mode is topped with foam made from holiday spiced apple beer—a novel dessert. Can you enjoy it with a spiced beer chaser? Of course! Click HERE...
The celebration may be advertised as apple pie day, but by whose rules is the 'pie' served? After all, pizza is known as 'pizza pie'!

Chopsticks, milk, root beer syrup, pizza crust, el-cheapo fried apples, cream cheese, the world's best...most beautiful fried apple pizza pie from the east coast of Arkansas! Oh, boy! Life doesn't get any better than this!


Is your mouth watering yet?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!