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Monday, December 29, 2014

All things BACON!

Pork, aka the other white meat, has found itself moving up and down the scales of nutritional value for years. The problem being its fat content, which is actually what makes pork taste so good. One of the most popular pork cuts is, of course, bacon. The aroma. The taste. Hard to beat, especially at breakfast time!

American Bacon, or “streaky bacon” as the British like to call it, is generally cut from the fatty sides of a pig’s belly, thus, the name 'Pork Belly'. The flavor of bacon is so delicious people have been known to eat it like candy...one cannot stop with just one piece. Wouldn't that be like eating one potato chip? Bacon can definitely be described as the 'Meat Candy'. Now Canadian Bacon, known as “back bacon” to the English, is made up of the 'tender loins' located on the back of Piglet and his swine friends. By this time, you are probably wondering why all the discussion about bacon. It's celebration time!   

December 30 is...
Another Bacon Day

During the latter part of the year, Bacon lovers get a whole month (November) and two special days (September and December) devoted to the 'pork belly', 'meat candy' and 'tender loin' of the pig. While International Bacon Day or simply Bacon Day is an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States (Labor Day is traditionally the first Monday of September), other factions celebrate Bacon Day on December 30th. 

For the bacoholics, here are some very unusual bacon ideas that avoids the fat and calories with some serving as terrific gag gifts...

Like the sweet taste with your bacon? Perhaps this dark red bacon-flavored frosting is a dream come true! Keep a tube of Bacon Frosting on hand to finish off a dessert masterpiece, add sweet smoky delight to any dish, or indulge in a delicious squirt right onto your tongue. Rumor has it the astronauts have been asking for bacon in a tube for decades!
Jelly Beans have been around for eons loved by kids and adults alike. What a grand idea to simply pop a jelly bean into your mouth when a bacon craving hits! Quick & simple treat convenient to have on hand any time. Um-m-m-m? But...what about the taste? Is it possible to capture the succulence of bacon sizzlin' in the pan? Watch the video, then, perhaps try some of your own. You be the judge!
Now, this just might be a bit much! Think about the smell of your favorite 'greasy spoon' restaurant. Yep, the one that fries everything, seasons with bacon grease and makes the best country breakfast in town. Um-m-m-m? Do you want your whole body to smell like your breakfast? BTW, Bacon Soap is the soap preferred by dogs.
This just may be taking the love of bacon a little too far! 'Nuff said!

Setting the humor aside, we are all familiar with the deliciousness of bacon that can accent almost any type of food. Here are a few suggestions...
 Bacon-Egg Breakfast Cups (Recipe)

Maple Bacon & Apple Baked French Toast (Recipe)

 Bacon Heirloom Tomato Frittata with Basil (Recipe)

Maple French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes (Recipe)

Sriracha Bacon Caramel Popcorn (Recipe)
 Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Pork Loin (Recipe)


Bacon Cheese Potato Casserole (Recipe)

 A Bit of 'Piggy' Knowledge...
It is common knowledge that bacon is pork, thus, coming from the pig. Our thoughts now shift from where bacon comes from to more specifically Where Bacon Comes From on a Pig.
The side cut has more meat and less fat than the belly. Bacon may be prepared from either of two distinct back cuts: fatback, which is almost pure fat, and pork loin, which is very lean. Bacon-cured pork loin is known as back bacon.
A definition of heaven: Homemade bacon!

Ready for some bacon? Only one thing missing in the video for enticement: smell-o-vision!


Is your mouth watering yet?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

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