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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Your First Sweetest Day?

October 20th: Today's Reason to Celebrate. . .

"Sweetest Day" originated in Cleveland, Ohio on October 8, 1921 – it’s original purpose was to offer something “sweet” to orphans, hospital patients, the elderly and the less fortunate residents of Cleveland. Later on it became an event similar to Valentine’s Day but is not designated solely to romantic love. This day celebrates all things sweet: it serves as a reminder that a thoughtful deed makes life a whole lot sweeter.

Although Sweetest Day is most popular in the Great Lakes region, the holiday is gaining recognition nationwide. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of October each year.

To celebrate Sweetest Day, share a meal with a loved one, send thoughtful greetings in a free eCard, and remember to do a good deed for someone in need!

The joy of living is the joy of giving, and Sweetest Day gives you the opportunity of spreading happiness to strangers as well as those you love. Share the joy!
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