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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gateway to America

This Day in History: October 28, 1886

The Statue of Liberty celebrated her 100th birthday on October 28, 1986.  On that same day in 1886 she was officially accepted by the president of the United States as a gift from the people of France. Opened on January 1, 1892, Ellis Island became the nation's premier federal immigration station. The statue was to be a symbol of welcome for all immigrants coming to America, as well as a universal symbol of freedom.

"For the vast majority of immigrants, Ellis Island truly was an "Island of Hope" - the first stop on their way to new opportunities and experiences in America. For the rest, it became the "Island of Tears" - a place where families were separated and individuals were denied entry into this country."

Statue of Liberty
Photo Credit: photobucket.com
 From 1892 to 1924, over twelve million immigrants entered
the United States through the portal of Ellis Island.
This small island in New York Harbor lies
within the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

Photo Credit: photobucket.com

Gateway to America
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif 
Open portal to liberty
An island so small
Its gateway to America
Heeded freedom’s call…
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif
A call to come in
Away from daily strife
Where bloodshed ruled
Under blade of the knife…
File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif 
Where bondage and chains
Were left far behind
No more tears and scars
Only peace of mind…
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif
Where heart and mind
The spirit’s retreat
Welcomed those who came in
To rest and replete
File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif 
But not without toil
Labor nor skill
For freedom’s not free
Just the free will…
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif
The will to be better
The will to overcome
To honor and pledge
The beat of her drum
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif
The heartbeat of America
Standing guard, proud and strong
The Statue of Liberty
Embodied a daily song
File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif 
A song about courage
To stand up and fight
On that you could see
By her very might
File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif 
In New York Harbor
Lady Liberty still stands tall
Her torch ever burning
A beacon of liberty for all
 File:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gifFile:Tiny Star.gif
Open portal to liberty
Ellis Island so small
Its gateway to America
Beckons freedom for all

©2012 Awakenings
Sharla Lee Shults
Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.com
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Test your knowledge:

  • Official dedication ceremonies were held on ____________________________
  • Total overall height from the base of the pedestal foundation to the tip of the torch is ____ feet, ___ inches
  • Height of the Statue from her heel to the top of her head is _____ feet, ___ inches
  • The face on the Statue of Liberty measures more than ___ feet tall
  • There are _____ steps from the pedestal to the head of the Statue of Liberty
  • A tablet held in her left hand measures ___' __" tall and ___' __" wide inscribed with the date _____________________
  • The Statue has a ___-foot waistline
  • There are _____ rays on her crown, one for __________________, each measuring up to _____ feet in length and weighing as much as _____ pounds
  • Total weight of the Statue of Liberty is _________________
  • At the feet of the Statue lie _____________________________
  • During the restoration completed in 1986, the new torch was carefully covered with thin sheets of _____________
  • The exterior copper covering of the Statue of Liberty is _____________ thick and the light green color (called a patina) is the result of ____________________________

[Answers may be found at http://statueofliberty.org/Fun_Facts.html]

America was founded on the premise of freedom: liberty and justice for all! Let us not forget the sacrifices made, as well as those still being made today, to maintain that freedom.
Do you know who was President of the United States in 1886?
Do you know who will be President of the United States in 2012?
It's up to you! Stand up for America!
The 2012 Presidential Election is on Tuesday, November 6.


  1. Part of the allure to immigrate to the United States was the assurance that anyone could be anything he/she wanted. The open ended freedom allowed for an unprecedented freedom to determine your own destiny & place in this land of free souls.

    I sadly observe that's not the case anymore. Special interest with unlimited bank accounts determine political careers, shutting out the common man or woman from running for our highest positions.

    Why is it that only two candidates were permitted to participate in the 4 nationally covered debates? There were other political parties with candidate yet their names never got even mentioned. Is this political freedom? I think not!

  2. Thank you Sharla for the info about the Statue of Liberty. We must never forget what she stands for and always appreciate the sacrifices made by many for our freedom.