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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Real or Art?

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Artistic talents come in many forms and are seen through varied lens, the most important being the human eye. Free Tag Zone introduces us to a new perspective on graffiti. The term, graffiti, colors itself as scribbling, scratches, or illicit displays found on walls or other surfaces generally in public places. A natural reaction to graffiti is negativity for its first impression is normally an act of defacement.
BUT not to Eric Vandersteenen (Director - General Administrator) & Monique Deveen (Artistic Director /Main Photographer) at Free Tag Zone. . .
The workshop photographic expression Free Tag Zone (Inventory of ephemeral conducted since September 2011 by Monique Deveen) is constantly on the lookout for any form of expression of urban art in Louvain-La-Neuve: street art, graffiti, tags, murals, etc..

To restore ephemeral art to all its nobility ...

"Around the world, dive into the ephemeral street art in all its forms of expression, from the simplest to the most elaborate, even in the most unusual places ...

Enjoy the photographic negative of the time ... today, it still allows us to appreciate what has existed for a fleeting moment and remind ourselves of the richness and diversity of expression and passion of talented artists ...

A tribute also and especially to the "collectors" memory, these passionate photographers who allow the ephemeral to forever persist in our memories ... "
Street art photography exposes graffiti in a totally different light. It brings to life art in its purest form found all over the world, in the countryside, in small towns, in capital cities, some in plain view, others hidden waiting to be discovered. This type of photography will change your view the next time you see doodles, scrawls and scribbles on a wall or anywhere for that matter. And, watch out for those murals – think about the detail involved in an oil painting on canvas when you focus on awe-inspiring scenes that invite you to "walk right into the picture."
Is it real or art? You decide. . .

When I first saw this one, I had to look twice to validate it as art, instead of a real-life scene. The horse appears to be stepping outside the doorway. The manner in which the actual street meets the building makes it very realistic.
Date taken: September 7, 2012
Location: St Stephen st Geoirs - Isère (France)
Photographer: Orépuk

In this next one, look closely at the sky. Hard to discern which part is real and which is actually painted on the building. Can you tell which people or which street lights are real and which are not?

Date taken: September 21, 2008 (Car Free Day)
Location: Musée Magritte - Place Royale
Photographer: Michele Lemoine

The painters in this picture appear to be working very hard to complete their project. Of course, they are not really painting. The artist painter painted the painters painting the building. Whew!

The Painters”
Date taken: October 02, 2012
Location : The building is at Higgins and Maple – Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Artist: Charlie Johnston (2011)
Photographer: Resa McConaghy -
Recipient of FTZ Great Photographer Tribute Award

This one is a real teaser testing your perception. Is that a real appartment complex? Some of the people are real and some are simply part of the painting. Can you tell the difference? What about the person standing on the balcony or the car on the street - real or art?

Date taken: July 26, 2012
Location: Biarritz - France
Photographer: Gilles Mézierre
Ah-h-h! This last one makes you want to caution the painter about stretching too far when on a ladder. Guess he wants to be sure he is out of the way of the door. Quite a unique perspective highlighting the number of the address on the storefront. Bet you wouldn't miss this address?

"The Painters"
Date taken: October 2, 2012
Location: The building is at Higgins and Maple
(North side) - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Artist: Charlie Johnston (2011)
Photographer: Resa McConaghy

They certainly look real, don't they? Hard in some instances to discern where the picture ends and real life begins. Before leaving be sure you took a deeper look into this world of art, how it all got started and the actual locations of the murals. Clink the links embedded within the text and captions of the images. Be sure to visit Free Tag Zone where there is more, so mu-u-u-uch MORE to this world of street art . 
My Invitation and Contributions

Free Tag Zone invited me to become a member of the Voyage en éphémère international project. My passion is writing, poetry and blogging, which has opened a new door to the world of photography. Two blogs currently running are Awakenings and catnipoflife. Awakenings invites you to journey through a flashback time. It allows you to embrace your past, empower the present, enrich your future. Through catnipoflife, you are led to observe life at its best, listen to life’s songs, embrace life’s bounties, breathe the breath of life and savor life to its fullest. Visions for these writings or any writing – fiction, non-fiction or poetry – are heightened through the world of photography for in this world, the art comes to life.

D’ici et d’ailleurs … “Inspired Art in the World Around You” (USA)
What are your thoughts on grafitti? Did the art portrayed above change your perspective and perhaps lead you to seek street art anywhere, any time, any place?
Share your thoughts. . .


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  3. Great post and I've seen some graffiti that has been absolutely incredible and has left me awestruck.

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