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Friday, October 12, 2012

Why do we vote on TUESDAY?

There is no election more momentous or prestigious that the presidential election. During the weeks, days, and final hours prior to the BIG day, questions continuously arise with many, many never receiving an answer. Some questions remain unanswered even after the election, in fact, they sometimes never receive an answer.
The question for today focuses on the 'day' for the election...a Tuesday.
Do you know why the presidential election is always held on a Tuesday? This is a weekday, working day, school day, one of the most active days of the week! Easy to get off from work? No school because it is a holiday? No activities planned on Tuesdays? Day set aside so EVERYONE can vote?
Um-m-m-m? What IS the answer?
Why Tuesday indeed?


What are your thoughts on the voting DAY? Are you surprised where America ranks in voter turnout? What is wrong with this picture? Food for thought. . .DE-E-E-E-P thought!