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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

National Anisette Day - What is anisette?

As we approach Independence Day, thoughts and preparations are focused upon the many ways to celebrate the 4th of July. Between now and then, as well as beyond Independence Day barbeques, there's a national food holiday every day! Today's is a liqueur, which you might immediately respond, "That is NOT a food!" True. However, food and drink do go together often with certain 'liquids' being the secret ingredient in a special food item. Are you ready?

What is anisette? a liqueur flavored with aniseed.
Don't you just love it when a definition contains part of the word you are trying to define or a word you don't even know what that one means? Um-m-m? Now let's see what we can find out about aniseed.
 What is aniseed? seed of the anise, used in cooking & herbal medicine.
Oh, dear. Still not clear on anisette. It is a liqueur. If it is used in cooking and herbal medicine, it must have a distinct flavor and aroma. Maybe we can get a clearer picture if we take a closer look at the anise.
What is anise? 1) a Mediterranean plant of the parsley family, cultivated for its aromatic seeds used in cooking and herbal medicine. 2) an Asian or American tree or shrub that bears fruit with an aniseedlike odor.
Aromatic seeds, shrub bearing fruit with an aniseedlike odor... Unless you are already familiar with aniseed, there is still quite a bit of vagueness. Let's just Google it!
Anise Plants
The Anise herb plant is highly used as a culinary herb. It is sweet, highly aromatic and has a flavor similar to licorice. The ah-ha! moment has finally arrived!
Now that you know what it is, what it tastes and smells like, what are you going to do with it on National Anisette Day? Click each image for some ideas :-)


"Old Italian recipe."

"Anise flavored Italian biscotti-like cookie that is lighter and softer in texture. This 'twice baked' cookie is enjoyable with a cup of coffee or anytime."
 "Aguardiente de anĂ­s, a clear, anise-flavored brandy, complements the cinnamon and other spices in this succulent chicken dish. Use dry aguardiente or substitute Pernod."
 Anisette Cookies are a holiday tradition, i.e., Christmas.
It's not too early to plan, the year is already half over!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!