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Monday, December 10, 2012

First Domestic Jet Flight

This Day in History: December 10, 1958
“No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris …[because] no known motor can run at the requisite speed for four days without stopping.” - Orville Wright

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, December 17, 1903.
Orville Wright's famous first airplane flight.
Several larger versions: first airplane flight picture.

Wright Brothers demonstrate their first flying machine. 
The expression "We've come a long way, baby!" definitely holds true on this day! 'First in flight' actually began in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, December 17, 1903 but more to come on this topic on its anniversary date. Today...

Do you know which airlines was first in domestic jet flight?

On December 10, 1958 National was the first airline to schedule a domestic jet passenger flight in the United States with a flight between Miami International Airport and Idlewild Airport in New York City. The flights used leased Pan Am Boeing 707s[flown by National crews; in February 1959 National scheduled 17 round trips a week. 707 flights ended that summer, then resumed for the winter; in February 1960 National added flights with their own Douglas DC-8-21. Read more @wikipedia...

 National Airlines Commercial "Miami Go Go"
"Vintage Airline Ads"-1950s & 1960s
Would you agree "We've come a long way, baby?"