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Friday, April 11, 2014

Titanic - Day 2: Journey Underway

This Day in History: April 11, 1912

Titanic in Cork Harbour, 11 April 1912
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The Titanic is underway! Having traveled overnight from Cherbourg, France, the Titanic makes a stop at Queenstown, Ireland at 11:30 am, Thursday 11 April 1912. Queenstown, as it was known from 1850 to 1920, is on the south side of Great Island in Cork Harbour and is home to Ireland's only dedicated cruise terminal.  

Passengers disembarking from
Tender, America
Upon arrival, the weather presents itself under partly cloudy skies as a relatively warm day with a cooling brisk wind. The dock facilities at Queenstown, the last stop before entering the Atlantic waters toward America, were not suitable for the Titanic's massive size. Thus, tenders were called upon to bring new passengers aboard ship. At this stop, 113 Third Class/Steerage and seven Second Class passengers were welcomed aboard, while seven passengers left.

Among the departures was Father Francis Browne, a Jesuit trainee, who was a keen photographer and took many photographs aboard Titanic, including the last-ever known photograph of the ship. Reporters and Irish merchants who were allowed aboard during the stopover were also among the last to depart. The merchants has been invited to the First Class Promenade Deck, attracting attention of the wealthiest passengers. 

Titanic: The Hingley Anchors
Titanic weighed anchor for the last time at 1:30 pm and set sail once more, this time unknowingly for the last time. The reasons and emotions among the passengers making this long westward journey across the wide open sea were widely varied. The journey to America embodied travelers embellished in wealth, as well as those seeking pathways to a better life. For the rich and famous, this was no more than another elaborate vacation of which they envisioned boasting to family and friends. Others had family they had not seen in years, possibly decades, anxiously awaiting their arrival. Steerage passengers were simply immigrating from Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Italy, etc. seeking the American dream. 

Titanic: The Art of Ken Marschall
Image Source: National Geographic
What was it like aboard this floating vessel which to some was larger than life itself?

Today marked the first full day at sea so plenty of time allotted itself for exploration and discovery of the sights and sounds aboard ship. Of course, if relaxation was in order, no problem! Stewards were at the passengers beck and call and lounge chairs lined the long decks with 'sitting' invitations. For the explorers, Titanic was a giant labyrinth being as long as 4 city blocks and 10 decks high. So many places to get completely lost!

The day after the Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage, the Guardian's leader writers marveled at how far removed such first class travel was from 'old-fashioned people's ideas of a sea voyage'. Titanic was fitted-out with luxurious lounges, squash courts, top restaurants and concert halls.
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Enlarge and scroll down to the subtitle, The Titanic.

Most of us have probably seen the documentaries and even the movie, Titanic. There is still nothing like seeing photographs of the real thing! The interior of the Titanic is majestic so we will begin with the two designs that are the most magnificent.

The Grand Staircase
Titanic Staircase Dome
Titanic First Class Stateroom

Titanic Second Class Stateroom

Titanic Third Class Cabin
All seems fine as the Titanic glides through the water. Some passengers are enjoying quiet time in the library, while others are working out at the gymnasium. Of course, many have already joined fellow passengers in the first class dining salon! Disaster looms totally unsuspected. . .

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