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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Cola Wars

Legendary rivalry exists between Coca-Cola and Pepsi as each has tried to outdo the other for decades. Since the 1980s Cola Wars, aka Soda Wars, have occurred between the soft drink manufacturers The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. Marketing ploys, blind taste tests, ad campaigns, increased product lines, all have had the two 'super colas' going after people's throats so to speak.

While each is successful, neither has gone without experiencing ups and downs as they continuously employ marketing strategies. Often out of the down times, deemed failure at the moment, came the opportunity for further success.

 Both colas had their growing pains. Pepsi went bankrupt but didn't lose its cool and battled on; Coca-Cola changed its recipe and brought out New Coke in 1985, which was so unpopular it nearly brought Coca-Cola to an end.  
Both survived the times, even the Great Depression so today who reigns supreme? Coca-cola? Pepsi? What is the difference anyway? A soda is a soda, right? Of course, the answer to that last question is an emphatic, "NO!" It is all about the taste. Or, should be anyway.

Coke and Pepsi each have distinct flavors. Pepsi is much sweeter than Coke. Also, Pepsi has a bit of a chemical after taste because it has more sweeteners in it. In addition, Coke has more of a sharp cola flavor while Pepsi is a bit more fluid and fruity. [Source: wikiHow]

As Coke and Pepsi duke-it-out, often it is the campaigns that come out the winner, not the product itself. The one with the cuter mascot, the one a favorite celebrity promotes, the one giving away the neatest 'stuff', the best as seen on TV! It is all about competition. Everyone loves a good fight and someone must come out the winner...unless, of course, there is a tie or stalemate. Now, over 100 years later, after changing secret recipes, and employing star after star for special advertising campaigns, the two beverage companies continue their wars to attract young and old, teen and adult, on a worldwide basis.

The most current battle in the past couple of years is Pepsi MAX vs. Coke Zero. This has mainly erupted due to the concern over sugar and number of calories in the classic beverages, especially  where obesity has become an issue within the population of our youth. The nostalgia of the Cola Wars returns as ads pit the two companies against one another in the funny, spirited rivalry of past decades. What is truly unique is the competition benefits both soda makers.

Bottom line it is still all about the taste. Does it really matter who has the zaniest commercial or which numbers are the higher? Do you pick Coca-Cola because it may be at the top or Pepsi because you feel sorrowful for the underdog? Do you pick Pepsi because "Pepsi-Cola hits the spot!" or Coke because "It is the real thing!"? The question is "How DO you tell the difference?" That's EASY!

Coke vs. Pepsi Taste Test

Take two glasses, fill each with ice cubes, slowly pour Coca-Cola in one glass and Pepsi-Cola in the other. Watch the fizz. Is one more 'fizzy' than the other? Perhaps, but don't make your decision yet. Remember, it is all about the taste. 

Sip the first one. Wait a few seconds. Smack you lips. Savor the flavor. [Even if you really like that first sip, don't sip it again! Go on to the next one.]  

Sip the other. Pause. Smack you lips. Savor the flavor. Which one maintained bubbles in your throat...the first or second? Which one is more smooth...the first or second? Make a decision whether you prefer the tingling sensation in the throat of one or smoothness of the other sliding down the throat. 

Here comes the hard part. Which one did you try first, Coke or Pepsi? It has been said that great taste cannot be discerned with a single sip. But remember...each beverage has its own distinct flavor so guzzle the glass you like best! After all, it is all about the taste and the taste buds of the taster!