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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Twists and Turns

2015 World Series Epic Start...

Source: The New York Times

There is excitement, then, there is the THRILL! It may come immediately or perhaps come by way of twists and turns that tempt fate in an ever so history-making manner. Such was Game 1 of the 2015 World Series. All in all, the game was far from ordinary.
The game lasted 14 innings, tied for the longest in the 112-year history of the World Series history. It ended at 12:19 a.m., on a walk-off sacrifice fly by Hosmer, giving the Royals a 5-4 victory over the New York Mets and tagging Bartolo Colon with the loss in his third inning of relief, in the first World Series appearance of his 19-year career.  Read the article...HERE!
Check out the RECAP & GAME HIGHLIGHTS...especially if you missed the game either in real time, TV or radio!


Royals lead series 1-0
Game 2, today, 8:07 PM on FOX

It is still anybody's ballgame!

Baseball is as serious as anything gets BUT not without its share of