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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back Home & Back in It

Curtis Granderson of the New York Mets celebrates with Noah Syndergaard and David Wright after hitting a two-run home run in the third inning against Kansas City. The hit put pitcher Syndergaard across home plate after he hit a single in his first World Series at-bat.
Mike Stobe/Getty Images
With so much happenin' today, the post about the status of the World Series almost slipped right on by. My, my, my! What a turn of events! That's why it is still anybody's ballgame! The Mets lived up to past experiences coming from behind to stop the Royals from their third win.
METS win 9 - 3

With the Mets’ first World Series game at home in 15 years, they entered the field in attack mode determined to win. This was a must-win situation for the METS and they left the field with exactly what they had intended victory!
The first pitch came out of Noah Syndergaard’s right hand at 97 miles per hour and zipped past the head of Alcides Escobar, the Royals’ leadoff hitter, who had tormented the Mets in the World Series. Escobar dived out of the way, fell to the ground and sat in the batter’s box for several moments, trying to gather himself while toying with his bat...
...Syndergaard wanted to attack the Royals, make them feel uncomfortable — a feat that Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom had failed to accomplish in Games 1 and 2, as the Mets lost the first two games of the series in Kansas City. Read the article...HERE!

Check out the GAME'S WRAPUP...especially if you missed the game either in real time, TV or radio! Royals may still be in the lead but it is still anybody's series!
Royals lead series 2-1

Game 4, today, 8:07 PM on FOX
Citi Field, Flushing, New York

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