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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Head for the Thrills

This Day in History: August 01, 1961

Embrace the Past...

After visiting Disneyland in California shortly after its opening, Angus G. Wynne, Jr. birthed the brainchild of a similar attraction in the great state of Texas. Wynne's baby, Six Flags Over Texas, not only offered the amusement side of the park but a 'healthy dose' of good ol' Texas history thrown into the mix. Planning stages began in 1959 with construction commencing in August, 1960. One year and $10 million later the 205-acre park opened.

Why the designation "SIX Flags?"

The name Six Flags Over Texas stems from the state's historical background whereby at one time or another six nation's flags have flown over Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America. Themed areas for each of these flags were designated within special locations of the park when it initially opened in 1961.

Firsts and ones of a kind [wikipedia.org]

  • First Six Flags Theme Park. This is the original Six Flags Theme Park, opened on August 5, 1961
  • First Pay one Price (POP) admission
  • First theme park to feature Broadway-style shows (1961)[10]
  • First Intamin Ride, the Jet Set
  • First Log FlumeEl Aserradero (1963)
  • First Mine Train Roller Coaster – The Runaway Mine Train (1966)
  • First relaunch of the modern-day parachute ride - Texas Chute Out (1976)
  • First Freefall Ride - Texas Cliffhanger (later renamed G-Force and then Wildcatter) (1982) Removed in 2007.
Empower the Present...

Today Six Flags Over Texas boasts over 50 rides divided into three main categories: Thrill Rides, Kids Rides and Family Rides. Choices are available from Looney Tunes rides for youngsters to nerve-numbing thrill machines like SUPERMAN: Tower of Power and Texas Giant

 Enrich the Future...

The area surrounding Six Flags over Texas has developed greatly over the past 50 years leaving little to no expansion past its boundaries. However, this doesn't mean the park can't continue to add new rides and attractions well into the future. The massive parking lot, vacant shopping center, and existing areas within the park could all provide the precious land the park needs to add its next world-class roller coaster and ensure the park retains the title of the "Entertainment Capital of Texas." ~Building the Future 

 Have you ever been to a Six Flags? 
If so, what is your most memorable ride?