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Life IS history in the making. Every word we say, everything we do becomes history the moment it is said or done. Life void of memories leaves nothing but emptiness. For those who might consider history boring, think again: It is who we are, what we do and why we are here. We are certainly individuals in our thoughts and deeds but we all germinated from seeds planted long, long ago.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Letters from the Civil War

Writing home in times of war. . .

The American Civil War
(April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1865)

Few letters from the Civil War are more famous than that of Major Sullivan Ballou (left) of the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers to his wife, Sarah. An excerpted version, with minor word modifications, was featured prominently at the conclusion of part one of Ken Burns's landmark PBS documentary "The Civil War" and touched the hearts of millions of viewers. Due to the length of the original letter, Civil War Dads also features an excerpted version but with the original wording. Read more. . .

For a poignant recitation of Major Ballou's letter, click the video link below. As you listen to the heart-rending words Sullivan left for his beloved wife, Sarah, think about the soldiers deployed or being deployed today, those who have left or will leave their families, loved ones and homes for engagement in war and protest to protect America and her freedoms. Think about those at home, as well as abroad, who defend America, her land, her country, her people. Think about all the freedoms you enjoy today that would not be available had it not been for the hope, faith and courage of our ancestors.

A moving, compassionate letter from Major Sullivan to his wife, Sarah

Grab your tissue boxes, folks, this is AMERICA!

Remember, even in times of civil war. . .
The fight was for America and America WON!

Connecting the past to the present…

“I am passionately interested in understanding how my country works. And if you want to know about this thing called the United States of America you have to know about the Civil War.
—Ken Burns (1953–Present)

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