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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vermont: Magical Landscapes of Green

This Day in History: March 4, 1791

Image Source: AmericatheBeautiful.com
Vermont's nickname The Green Mountain State is a direct relationship to the Green Mountains mountain range, which runs south to north specifically within this U.S. state. It is home to many beautiful and natural wonders being truly one of those green magical places. Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the U.S.

When Robert Frost penned "The Road Not Taken," he was writing about Vermont, and his poem captures the state's unscathed beauty and independent spirit. This state of freethinking and green living attracts all sorts, from artists like Norman Rockwell and the von Trapp family, to nature enthusiasts drawn to its hiking trails, ski slopes and autumn foliage. This aerial tour over the Green Mountain State captures the beauty and history of a state that chose its own path.
On January 15, 1777, Vermont declared independence from the crown of Great Britain and the colony of New York. Controversy and disagreement with New York resulted in the 14 year delay in Vermont becoming a state. On March 4, 1791 Vermont became the 14th state as the politics of slavery threatened to divide the United States. Vermont served as a free counterbalance to slave-holding Kentucky, which joined the Union in 1792.

Vermont is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.
It is the only New England state not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.
Vermont State Flag

Vermont's official state flag was adopted in 1923. The flag features Vermont's coat-of-arms on a field of deep blue.The coat-of-arms pictures a large pine tree, a cow, bales of hay and sheaves of wheat. Vermon't montains are pictured in the background. A stag's head is mounted over the scene. Boughs of pine needles wrap around the coat-of-arms. "VERMONT" and the state's motto, "FREEDOM AND UNITY," are written on a red ribbon under the scene.
Vermont Great Seal
Vermont State Bird: Hermit Thrush

Hermit thrush by Lee Karney / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
Sugar maple summer foliage - click to see all state trees
Vermont State Tree: Sugar Maple
The sugar maple tree is the source of maple syrup. Vermont is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in the United States. It's called "liquid gold" for good reason: It takes about 40 gallons of raw sap to create one gallon of syrup. Plus, "sugaring season" lasts only a short six weeks in late winter.
Apples photo by Scott Bauer / USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery
Vermont State Fruit: The Apple

Delicious slice of apple pie; photo by Bryan Costin on Flickr
(noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).
Vermont State Pie: Apple Pie
Click for Vermont Apple Pie Recipe

Red clover flower
Photo by Tony Wills on Wikipedia
The Vermont state state flower is the red clover. It became the state flower in 1895 representative ofVermont's farms and fields. Farmers grow clover asfood for cows and other animals. Honeybees gather nectar from the flowers. Some people use red clover to make tea.
For the State Symbols of Vermont click HERE!

Vermont State Song

The Vermont state song is “These Green Mountains” by Diane Martin and Rita Buglass Gluck. Vermont held a competition to find a new song to celebrate the state thus allowing Vermonters to help select the official state song in 2000. The name of the state is not included within the lyrics but there is enough detail included in the words that identifies the song is about Vermont.

Magical Landscapes of Green

Lake Champlain from Above
 Shimmering blue waters of lakes and streams
Accent landscapes of lush magical green
 Largemouth bass, northern pike, lake trout
 Name aquatics swimming about

Green Mountains Vermont
 Mountain peaks tower to extremes
Rousing verdant forest scenes
Jagged along horizon's line
Panoramic views enshrine

Vermont Red Barn
Fields glimmer of green and gold
Awe-inspiring sights unfold

Typical red barn's unique way
Captures the grandeur of the day

 Historical sites once Canadian soil
Dot the green landscapes amid error and foil
Fort Mongomery from blunder to ruin 
Total disaster as war was brewin'

Find yourself, lose yourself, anything goes
Take off your shoes, exercise your toes
Run the hills, fields, everything in between
Bathe in the magical landscapes of green

©2014 Awakenings
Sharla Lee Shults

Vermont Facts and Trivia

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